by Frank Forman
1995 October, 2nd version
[1990 October, 1st version]

This is not an attempt at a full discograpy of my favorite
 singer: only one issue of each recording is listed. The
 conductor or principal other artist is also listed. But I have
 tried to list every performance of every composition.

German tenor, born 1913.10.8 Dortmund, Germany. 
Educated at the Dortmund Conservatory and the University of
Career: Volksoper Berlin, 1937-41; Municipal Opera House,
 Berlin, 1947- ; Professor of Vocal Music, Acad. of Music,
 Berlin, 1957-63; Professsor, Academy of Music, Frankfurt,
Composer of orchestral, operatic, chamber, choral, and vocal
 works published by Bote & Bock, Asotia Verlag. 
Honors include Kammersa"nger, Berlin, 1963. 
Address: 11 Im Dol Berlin 3 (Dahlem), German Federal
 Republic 2
Information from _International Who's Who in Music and
 Musicians' Directory_ ed. Adrian Gaster. London: The
 Garden City Press Limited, 9th ed., 1980. (1st ed. 1935):

1.   Fritz Lehmann.     ARC 3063m
4.   Fritz Lehmann.     ARC 3063m
6.   Fritz Werner.      MHS 653
8.   Fritz Werner.      MHS 561
13.  Helmut Barbe.      MHS 1316

19.  Fritz Lehmann.     ARC 3065m
21.  Fritz Lehmann.     ARC 3064m
26.  Fritz Werner.      MHS 516
31.  Fritz Werner.      MHS 1023
34.  Fritz Werner.      MHS 568

43.  Fritz Werner.      MHS 832
55.  Kurt Redel.        MHS 594m
61.  Fritz Werner.      MHS 516
65.  Fritz Werner.      MHS 653
67.  Fritz Werner.      MHS 526

76.  Fritz Werner.      MHS 661
78.  Fritz Werner.      MHS 526
80.  Fritz Werner.      MHS 666
85.  Fritz Werner.      MHS 823
87.  Fritz Werner.      MHS 666

90.  Fritz Werner.      MHS 1014
98.  Fritz Werner.      MHS 1001
104. Fritz Werner.      MHS 559
105. Fritz Lehmann.     ARC 3066m
105. Fritz Werner.      MHS 1023

110. Fritz Werner.      MHS 561
119. Diethard Hellmann. MHS OR 422
130. Fritz Werner.      MHS 516
140. Fritz Werner.      MHS 823
147. Fritz Werner.      MHS 547m

147. Fritz Werner.      MHS 1014
151. Kurt Redel.        MHS 594m
157. Kurt Redel.        MHS 594m
160. Fritz Werner.      MHS 547m
166. Helmut Barbe.      MHS 1316

174. Kurt Redel.        MHS 566m
182. Fritz Werner.      MHS 832
189. Kurt Redel.        MHS 566m
211. Helmut Koch. Nonesuch H-1008m

Recording dates for the Canatas conducted by Fritz Lehmann:
1. 52.6.10; 4. 50.7.31-8.2; 19. 52.6.9; 21. 52.6.11; 105.

Krebs sings both the Evangelist and tenor parts.
Christmas Oratorio. Lehmann (Parts 1-4) and Gu"nther Arndt
 (Parts 5-6). ARC 3079/81m, 3-disc set
Christmas Oratorio. Werner. MHS 571-3, 3-disc set
Magnificat. Kurt Redel. Westminster XWN 18465m
Mass. Lehmann. Vanguard.BG 527/8m; Urania RS 2-1; Music
 Treasures of the World MTW 38, all 2-disc sets
Mass. Werner. MHS 614-6m, 3-disc set
St. John Passion. Werner. MHS 542/3, 2-disc set
St. Matthew Passion. Lehmann. 49.9 Berlin. Vox DLP
 6070m, 4-disc set. This is Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau's first
 recording and the first complete recording of the work in
 German, Serge Koussevitizky having recorded it earlier in
 English on 52 78 r.p.m. sides. The recording was also issued
 in France on Discophiles francais on 53 78 r.p.m. sides,
 1000/25 and as a 4-disc LP set 32/35.
St. Matthew Passion. Werner. Westminster WST 402, 4-disc
 set (derived from Erato)

BARBE, Helmut, b. 1927
Canticum Simeonis. Klaus Martin Ziegler. Cantate 657 607

BARTOK, Bela Janos Viktor (1881-1945)
Cantata Profana (1930). Ferenc Fricsay. 1961. CD: DGG 445
 402-2GDO and DGG 445 400-2GDO, 11-disc set (neither
 issued in USA)

BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van (1770-1827)
Symphony 9. Walter Goehr. Audio Fidelity FCS 50022/3 in
 FCS 71, 3 sides in a 7-disc set

BODENSCHATZ, Erhard (ca. 1576-1636)
Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ: 7th verse (Das hat ar alles uns
 getan). Adolf Detel. 62.10.19-23. ARC 73216 (Michael
 Praetorius and His Times: Ten Christmas Carols)

BRAHMS, Johannes (1833-1897)
Songs (12): Op 58 (all 8): 1, Blinde Kuh; 2, Wa"hrend des
 Regens; 3, Die Spro"de; 4, O komme Sommernacht; 5,
 Schwermut; 6, In der Gasse; 7, Voru"ber; 8, Serenade.
 PLUS: Op. 106, 1: Sta"ndchen. Op. 47.4, O liebliche
 Wangen. Op. 48: 1, Der Gang zum Liebchen. Op. 47: 1,
 Botschaft. Gyo"rgy Sebo"k. fono-ring FGLP 77 511m
 (German issue, probably from Erato)

BRITTEN, (Edward) Benjamin (1913-76)
Les Illuminations, Op. 18. Arthur Rother. Live recording.
 Urania URLP 7104m

BROSSARD, Sebastian de (1655-1730)
Quemadmodum desiderat cervus. Wolfgang Meyer,
 harpsichord, et al. 61.5.3-4. ARC 73913

BUXTEHUDE, Dietrich (1637-1707)
Sacred Cantatas (4): Herr, nun la"sst du deinen Diener;
 Quemadmodum desiderat cervus; Lobe den Herrn, meine
 Seele; Ich suchte des Nachts. Carl Gorvin. 56.10.29-30
 (1,2); 57.10.25 (3); 57.3.11-12 (4). ARC 3096m

CACCINI, Giulio (c.1550-1618)
Arias (5): Amarilli; Io parto, amati lumi; Io parto occhi sereni;
 Movetevi a pieta; and Occh' immortali. Mathias Siedel, et
 al. 62.10.22. ARC 73217

CAMPRA, Andre (1660-1744)
Psalms 129, De Profundus and 46, Omnes Gentes. Louis
 Fremaux. MHS 613 (derived from Erato)
Motet, O Jesu amantissime. Louis Fremaux. MHS 515
 (derived from Erato)

CIMA, Giovanni Paolo, b. ca. 1570, fl. until 1662
Spiritual concerti (2): Nativitas tua and Adiuro vos. Mathias
 Siedel, et al. 62.10.22. ARC 73217

COUPERIN, Francois (1668-1733)
Sacred Vocal Works (3): Deus virtutum convertere; Ostende
 nobis; Audite omnes et expanescite. Wolfgang Meyer, hd.,
 et al. 61.5.3-4. ARC 73193

DALLAPICCOLA, Luigi (1904-75)
Il Prigioniero, or The Prisoner. Hermann Scherchen 56.3.8
 Monaco. Krebs as Jailer. CD: Stradivarius STR 10034m

DISTLER, Hugo (1908-42 suicide)
Choral-Passion, Op. 7. Wilhelm Ehmann. Cantate 642
 205/6m, 2-25 cm. disc set

EBART, Samuel (1655-84)
Motet, Miserere, Christe, mei. Werner. Erato LDE 3079m

ECCARD, Johannes (1553-1611)
Vom Himmel hoch da komm ich her: 8th verse (Sei mir
 willkommen, edler Gast). Adolf Detel. 62.10.19-23. ARC
 73126 (Michael Praetorius and His Times: Ten Christmas

GUMPELZHAIMER, Adam (1559-1625)
Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ: 5th verse (Der Sohn des Vaters,
 Gott von Art). Adolf Detel. 62.10.19-23. ARC 73216
 (Michael Praetorius and His Times: Ten Christmas Carols)

HANDEL, George Frederick (1685-1759)
Opera Arias (10) [Guistino: All'armi, guerrieri and Il piacer
 della vendetta. Lotario: Vi sento si vi sento and Regno e
 grandezza. Arminio: Al lume di due rai and Mira il ciel.
 Radamisto: Alzo al volo di mia fama and Stragi, morti.
 Atalanta: Lascia qu'io parta solo and Non sara poco]. Kurt
 Redel. Erato LDE 3062m

HENZE, Hans Werner, b. 1926
Der junge Lord. Christoph von Dohnanyi. Krebs as Professor
 von Mucker. DGG 139 257/9, 3-disc set

KODALY, Zoltan (1882-1967)
Psalmus Hungaricus. Arthur Rother. ?Live recording. Urania
 URLP 7014m

LASSUS, Orlando (1532-94)
Seven Penitential Psalms of Dave (6, 31, 37, 51, 101, 129,
 142). Rudolf Pohl. 58.9.1-6. ARC 72134/5, 2-disc set

MONTEVERDI, Claudio (1567-1643)
Orfeo. Helmut Koch. Krebs as Second Shepherd and Apollo.
 Vox DL 6640m, VBX 21 (Vox Box), both 3-disc sets
Orfeo. August Wenzinger. Krebs as Orfeo. 55.7.25-30. ARC
 3035/6m, 2-disc set

MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-91)
Concert Arias, KK. 431, 209, 295, 210, 420, 21, 36. Kurt
 Redel. Westminster XWN 18663m (derived from Erato)
Entfu"hrung aus dem Serail. Ferenc Fricsay 49.12.19-21 live
 Berlin. Krebs as Pedrillo, singing parts only. CD: Myto
 2MCD 923.61m, 2-disc set. This is the earliest Krebs
 recording I have been able to date.
Lieder (7) (KK. 519, 524, 473, 474, 506, 619, 530) and Das
 Bandel (K. 441). Franz Neumeyer, Mozart Piano. 56.4.6-7.
 APM 14067m (Archive sublabel of DGG not issued in USA)
Lieder (KK. 349, 351, 571a) and Das Bandel (K.441) (same
 recording of Das Bandel as above). Adolf Hartmann,
 mandolin, in KK. 349 and 351; Fritz Neumeyer, Moart
 Piano in KK. 571a and 441. 56.4.6-7. ARC 37121m (20
 cm., 45 r.p.m. disc, not issued in USA)
Mass (Coronation) in C, K. 317. Igor Markevitch. DGG
 16096m (25 cm., not issued in USA); Decca DL 9805m (30
Requiem. Ferenc Fricsay. 51.3.5. DGG 2535 713m not issued
 in USA)
Requiem. Rudolf Kempe. Capitol G7113m. Some issues give
 Josef Traxel as tenor.

OSIANDER, Lucas (1534-1604)
Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ (1st verse). Adolf Detel.
 62.10.19-23. ARC 73216 (Michael Praetorius and His
 Times: Ten Christmas Carols)

OTHMAYR, Caspar (1515-53)
Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ: 6th verse (Er ist auf Erden
 kommen arm). Adolf Detel. 62.10.19-23. ARC 73216
 (Michael Praetorius and His Times: Ten Christmas Carols)

PRAETORIUS, Jacob (1586-1651)
Vom Himmel hoch, da komm ich her: 6th verse (Des lasst uns
 alle fro"hlich sein) and 15th verse (Lob, Ehr sei Got in
 ho"chsten Thron). Adolf Detel. 62.10.19-23. ARC 73216
 (Michael Praetorius and His Times: Ten Christmas Carols).
 *Michael* Praetorius (1571-1621) is indeed represented on
 the disc, but only by choral compositions, which are
 therefore not included in this check list.

SCHEIN, Johann Hermann (1586-1630)
Maria, gegru"sset seist du, Holdselige. Adolf Detel. 62.10.19-
 23. ARC 73216 (Michael Praetorius and His Times: Ten
 Christmas Carols)

SCHOENBERG, Arnold Franz Walther (1874-1951)
Moses und Aron. Hans Rosbaud. Krebs as Aaron [sic]. World
 premiere, Hamburg RSO 54.3.12 live. Columbia K3L 241m

SCHRECKER, Franz (1878-1934)
Die Gezeichneten. Winfried Zillig, NDR Orchestra and
 Chorus, live. Krebs as Count Alviano Salvago. Voce 68m,
 2-disc set on a private U.S. label

SCHUBERT, Franz Seraph Peter (1797-1828)
Die scho"ne Mu"llerin. Felix Schroeder, p. Westminster XWN
 18815m (derived from Erato)
Sta"ndchen in F for tenor and men's chorus, Op. 135, D. 921.
 Karl Schmidt. Eterna 20 112 (20 cm., 45 r.p.m. disc, East
 Germany, derived from DGG)

SCHUMANN, Robert Alexander (1810-56)
Dichterliebe, Op. 48. Felix Schroeder. Erato EFM 42018m,
 25 cm. disc
Myrthen, Op. 25. Felix Schroeder, p. Erato EFM 42019m, 25
 cm. disc

SCHU"TZ, Heinrich (1585-1672)
Cantata, Saul, Saul, was verfolgst du mich? Arnold
 Goldsbrough [sic], et al. V.LM 6030m (History of Music in
 Sound, Vol. 5 (Opera and Church Music)), 2-disc set
Kleine geistliche Konzerte (5): Ich hab mein Sach Gott
 heimgestellt; Ist Gott fu"r uns; Wer will uns scheiden; Der
 Seele Christi heilige mich; Meister, wir haben die ganze
 Nacht gearbeitet. Wilhlem Ehmann. Cantate 11 10m
Passion, Die sieben Worte: excerpt. Arnold Goldsbrough.
 V.LM 6030m (History of Music in Sound, Vol. 5 (Opera
 and Church Music)), 2-disc set
Motets (4): Herr, unser Herrscher; Ich werde nicht sterben;
 Cantabo domino; O misericordissime Jesu. Werner. Erato
 LDE 3079m
Oratorio, Easter. Gottfried Wolters. 58.10.15-18. ARC 73137
Symphoniae sacrae (2): 9, O quam tu pulchra es and 10, Veni
 de Libano. Wilhelm Ehmann.Cantate 11 10m

STRAUSS, Johann Baptist, II (1825-99)
(Die) Fledermaus. Ferenc Fricsay. Krebs as Alfred. 49.8.11
 live. CD: Melodram MEL 29001m, 2-disc set
(Die) Fledermaus. Herbert von Karajan. Krebs again as
 Alfred. Angel 3539B/Lm, 2-disc set

STRAUSS, Richard Georg (1864-1949)
Ariadne auf Naxos. Herbert von Karajan. Krebs as Brighella.
 Angel 3532C/Lm, 3-disc set

STRAVINSKY, Igor Fyodorovich (1882-1971)
Oedipus Rex. The Composer, Cologne Radio. Krebs as
 Shepherd. Columbia ML 4644m

TELEMANN, Georg Philipp (1681-1767)
Cantata, Zum dritten Osterfeirtag. Werner. Erato LDE 3079m
Cantatas 19, Gott will Mensch und sterblich werden and 72,
 Was gleicht dem Adel wahrer Christen. Cantate 642 208m

VERDI, Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco (1813-1901)
Requiem. Fricsay. DGG 18515/6m, 2-disc set

VIADANNA, Lodovico Grossi (c.1564-1645)
Spiritual Concerti (2): O dilcissima Maria and Domine Jesu
 Christe. Mathias Siedel, et al. 62.10.22. ARC 73217

WALTHER, Johann (1496-1570)
Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ: 3rd verse (Den aller Welt Kreis
 nie beschloss). Adolf Detel. 62.10.19-23. ARC 73126
 (Michael Praetorius and His Times: Ten Christmas Carols)

WOLF, Hugo Filipp Jakob (1860-1903)
Lieder (11): Mo"rike: Der Feuerreiter; Lied eines Verliebten;
 Zur Warnung; Abschied. Eichendorff: Der Scholar; Unfall;
 Der Musikant; Der verzweifelte Liebhaber. Goethe:
 Genialisch Treiben; Der Scha"fer; Der Rattenfa"nger.
 Gyo"rgy Sebo"k. fono-ring FGLP 77511m (German issue,
 probably derived from Erato)

Lieder (2). Goethe: Die Rattenfa"nger; Ganymed. Raymund
 Schlesier. Eterna 20 112 (20 cm., 45 r.p.m. disc, derived
 from DGG)


HAYDN, Franz Josef (1732-1809)
Leider (8). Felix Schr"der, p. R13 3 (???). I have a tape of a
 broadcast of 92.11.3 on an unknown station of this.

(I have a tape of the Petrassi.)

DALLIPICCOLA, Luigi (1904-75)
Il prigioniero. German premiere, Frankfurt Rdio 51.6.30
ditto. Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra 55.9.26

FORTNER, Wolfgang (1907-87)
Isaaks. World premiere, SWF-SO 52.10.12

LIEBERMANN, Rolf, b. 1910
Leonore 40/45. SWF-SO. 52.10.30-11.5

MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-91)
Con ossequio, K. 210. SWF-SO 55.12.2
Or che il dover, K. 36. SWF-SO 55.12.1
Se al labbro mio, K. 295. SWF-SO 55.12.1

NONO, Luigi (1924-90)
Le tera e la compagna. World premiere, Hamburg RSO

PETRASSI, Goffredo, b. 1904
Quatro Imni Sacri. German premiere, SWF-SO 52.10.11

SEIBER, Matyas Gyrorgy (1905-60)
Ulysses. German premiere, SWF-SO51.6.30.


WEILL, Kurt Julian (1900-50)
Der Bu"rgschaft. Scherchen, NDR Hamburg. 1960 live. I
 have on tape.

Concertino for oboe and strings, Op. 17b. Lajos Lences,
 Helmut Mller-Bruhl, K"lner Kammerorchestra. Broadcast
 on WDR III on 85.10.10. I have on tape.

All discs are 30 cm. stereo LPs unless stated otherwise
m = monophonic LP
Generally, I used United States issues.
Of the Musical Heritage Society (MHS) issues, Cantatas 13
 and 166 (cond. Helmut Barbe) were first issued on Cantate
 (Germany). I don't know the origin of Cantata 119 (cond.
 Diethard Hellmann). All the others come from Erato
Cantata 211 (cond. Helmut Koch) was first issued on Chant du
 Monde (France).
The Westminster issues (St. Matthew Passion, Mozart concert
 arias, Schubert Scho"ne Mu"llerin) all come from Erato
ARC is the Archive sublabel of DGG in the United States;
 APM is the Archive sublabel elsewhere. Cantate and fono-
 ring are German labels, and Erato is a French label.