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My oldest love is classical music, and my other retirement project is to put 10,000 78 rpm records (which are out of copyright in Austria and so will be going to a site there), so that the world can come listen to these great old records for free. Featured is the vast majority of the Columbia Musical Masterpieces and Victor Masterworks "M"sets, but I'll be putting up a lot of gems and rarities more than fifty years old also. It was not long after microphones were used in recording musicians that by far the majority of listening took place at home on the phonograph rather than at concerts or on the radio. Outside the largest cities, where a certain number of foreign records were imported by speciality shops, music lovers usually had the choice of the latest Columbia or the latest Victor set. Not only are many top performances represented by the "M" sets, but it documents a historical era from 1925 until the coming of long playing records in 1948 on Columbia records. It would be a tremendous chore to document how many of the roughly 2600 "M" sets have been reissued on compact disc, but I would guess about a third (many of which have themselves been deleted).

I have been a discophers and give a link to my most important one, which documented what was at the time the single greatest hole in our knowledge of classical music recordings, namely acoustic recordings (that is, without the use of microphones) of chamber music. The World's Encyclopedia of Recorded Music (linked below) begins with electrics. We have a pretty good knowledge of singers, though scattered over many books. James Creighton documented the violin for both periods, and Claude Arnold documented acoustic orchestral recordings.

The links are to some check lists (hardly full-fledged discographies, but I label them as such so that those searching the Web can find them. There is also a delightful transciption of letters my grandmother sent home about her travels to Europe and how her Midwester brass enabled her to snooker lessons out of the great piano pedagogue Theodor Leschetizsky. I include an essay I wrote recommending revisions in the copyright law about old recordings that are of little financial value but of great interests to music lovers.

Letters from Ada Woodward to Her Parents, 1912
(1996) 79 KB []

A Glenn Gould Supplement
(1996) 21 KB []

Ovsyaniko-Kulikovsky's Symphony No. 21 in g minor
(1993) 13 KB []

Wilhelm Kempff Discography
(1995) 35 KB []

Helmut Krebs Checklist
(1995) 15 KB []

The Sixteen Space Capsule Tapes
(1993) 9 KB []

Copyright, Congress, Due Dilligence, and Coase
(2002) 11 KB []

World's Encyclopedia of Recorded Music
This is the most important discography ever issued. It lists recordings of classical music from the beginning of electrical records through 1955. My source is the Centre for Historical Analysis of Recorded Music. I took the files for each of the three volumes, applied optical character recognition to them, and concatenated them. I sent my results pack to CHARM for their use. While they appreciated my efforts and intended to all a searchable WERM to their site, they have yet to do so. However, searching using ctrl-f is not always accurate or cnsistent.

Acoustic Chamber Music Sets (1899-1926): A Discography in HTML
(2001-1, with minor revisions)
731KB []

Acoustic Chamber Music Sets (1899-1926: A Discography in RTF
(2001-1, with minor revisions)
1,48MB []


My complete CD listing has been edited and rearranged as:
Forman's CD collection. It has gone into the above folder and is available as a separate file:

Featured are:

Abenroth, Hermann
Coates, Albert
Coppola, Piero
Fried, Oskar
Mengelberg, Willem
Mravinsky, Evgeny
Rosbaud, Hans
Scherchen, Hermann

Backhaus, Wilhelm
Gould, Glenn
Kempff, Wilhelm
Schnabel, Artur

Busch, Adolf
Rybar, Peter
Spalding, Albert
Szigeti, Joseph
Thibaud, Jacques

PEARL RECORDS, LTD. (label, out of business)

Chamber Music
Conductors, other
Piano, other
Violin, other

A Golden Age Christmas
Announced 2012.9.23

Abendroth, Hermann, conductor
Announced 2012.9.23

Acoustic Organ Discs
Announced 2012.1.9

Acoustical singles
Announced 2012.3.8

Adler to Fock, conductors outside M-sets
Announced 2012.7.12

Backhaus, Wilhelm, piano
Announced 2012.9.23

Bartok Quartets (BEST) (Ramor)
Announced 2012.1.20

Barylli Quartet with Piano
Announced 2012.1.20

Beethoven Middle and Late Quartets (BEST) (Loewenguth)
(I loaded them four times, due to complaints that may not have been necessary. Suggestion to all: Try later.)
Announced 2012.1.20

Brain, Dennis and Aubrey, horns
Announced 2012.9.23

Casals, Pablo, cello and conductor, LPs
Annnounced 2012.1.20

CD Booklets
Announced 2012.12.20

Coates, Albert, conductor
Announced 2012.1.2

Coppola, Piero, conductor, recordings outside M-sets
Announced 2012.8.7

Flonzaley Quartet
Announced 2012.1.7

Forman's CD Collection (text, not music)
Announced 2012.12.9

Fried, Oscar, conductor
Announced 2012.8.11

Furtwängler-Ronald, conductors Announced 12.9.3

NOTE: I did not a separate upload of conductors for the later letters of the alphabet and, instead, just sent all my "Other Cassettes" (that is, cassette sides that did not contain any M-sets].

Gianoli, Reine, piano, LPs
Announced 2012.1.1

Announced 2012.7.7

Harty, Hamilton, conductor
Announced 2012.1.6

Johannsen, Gunnar, double-keyboard piano, doing all the Schmieders
PULLED AT THE INSISTENCE OF THE HEAD OF THE JOHANSEN FOUNDATION, on the grounds that HE wanted to do the promoting. Though I am legally in the right, I chose not to contest this.

Krebs, Helmut, tenor
Announced 2012.1.21

Lehmann Fritz, conductor (mysteries)
Announced 2012.3.24

Less than 50 year old Backhaus

Less than 50 year old Other Stereo

Less than 50 year old Scherchen

Less than 50 year old Scherchen - WAV files

LP Conversions (long text of what I have)
2012.1.2 or earlier

M-Sets (more than half of the Columbias and Victors)
Annuonced complettion 2012.7.2-23

Mengelberg, Willem, conductor, all issued 78s
Announced 2012.1.2

Musical Offering (Bach), conducted by Wilfried Böttcher (BEST)
Announced 2011.12.25

Other Cassettes
Announced 2012.9.23

Other Mono LPs
Announced 2102.1.21

Other Stereo LPs
Announced 2012.1.21

Out-of-Print Historical CDs (exculding those from still active small labels)
Announced 2012.12.2

Mozart: Sonata for basson and cello (or cello and bassoon) score
This has been recorded on 78s in both ways. They should be available on "Other Cassettes."
Announced 2012.9.23

Rodzinski, Artur, conductor
Announced 2012.9.23

Rybar, Peter, violin
Announced 2012.1.20

Scherchen, Hermann, conductor
Announced 2012.1.27

Scherchen, live Beethoven cycle from Lugano
Announced 2012.7.2

Scherchen, Westminster recordings from 1962 (and later pressings of earlier recordings)
Announced 2013.1.1

Scherchen, Hermann, conductor WAV
Announced 2011.7.27

Scherchen. Superior transfer of Westminster WST 14014 (Haydn 110 and 45, VSOO) from Werner Unger
Announced 2012.3.2

Schnabel, Artur, piano, ROLLS
Announced 2012.6.21

Spalding, Albert, violin
Announced 2012.1.21

Stock, Dr. Frederick, conductor
Announced 2011.12.24-5

Szigeti, Joseph, violin, LPs
Announced 2012.1.21

Szigeti American Saloons, complete
Announced 2012.1.21

The Age of Beethoven
Announced 2012.1.21

Thibaud, Jacques, violin
Announced 2012.9.23

Vox Box No. 1
Announced 2012.1.21

Wiengartner, Felix, conductor, complete acousticals
Announced 2012.1.7

Wlach, Leopold, clarinet
Announced 2011.7.21

All three volumes concatendated and searchable.
This is the best discography of all time.

Included in the home page of the initial launch on 2012.1.1.
Last updated (and vastly expanded): 2013.1.1