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This site is hosted by Frank Forman, a research economist at the U.S. Department of Education, retired after twenty-seven years.
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The great insight I gained is that education needs to move a good deal away from emphasizing content (beyond mastering the three Rs) toward enabling one to draw insights from a variety of ways of thinking. What this site will try to do is to offer modules that enable you to gain something of a hands-on familiarity with how economists, historians, engineers, and many, many more, approach problems in diverse but ultimately compatible ways. My hope is that you will be able to imagine how those in these disciplines will approach a problem and also how to conduct focused research on the Internet. I call this skill hyperlink thinking. It is a true twenty-first thinking skill, not available to the world until the first graphics Web browsers in 1994 and barely to researchers who could chase from floor to floor in top-notch academic libraries.

I also very much hope to inspire others to develop courses on how those in their disciplines think.

In the future, I hope to better group disciplines according to common kinds of thinking. But I've changed my groupings and characterizations greatly over the past year, as I indeed did in the course of doing up the first version of my site. I also want to say much more about the benefits to readers and students, as well as to professors and their universities. I was galzanized by the resignation and reinstatement of Theresa Sullivan, the President of my alma mater, the University of Virginia, and have discussed ideas and made proposals for U.Va., which are gaining their attention, I am most pleased to report. But I do want those at Mr. Jefferson's academical village to be able to try them out first, after whatever modifications they deem best, for the simple reason that U.Va. is not merely *my* alma mater, but *the* alma mater.

For now, I am just reproducing the front page from last year, along with the exensive bibliography I have compiled, a 1966 effort of mine in mathematics, and well as a file about historical recordings of classical music which I have uploaded to http://FileFactory.com

This site, http://howothersthink.com, is run by my Internet Service Provider, Panix, which automatically redirects you to my permanent site http://www.panix.com/~checker.

If you are already on the site and click the link, say, to Letters from Ada Woodward to Her Parents, 1912 [woodward.htm] or are off the site and type in the full address http://HowOthersThink.com/woodward.htm, you will actually be fetching http://www.panix.com/~checker/woodward.htm.

The music folder is part of my other retirement project, now nearly completed, to put 10,000 78 r.p.m. records and hundreds of out of copyright LPs (according to Netherlands copyright law, where FileFactory is located) onto the Web so the world can come listen to these great old recordings for free.

I hope to keep the temperature of this site down and so want to avoid, above all, controversies over politics. Understanding those who hold different views is indeed helpful, when that understanding avoids psychologizing, but I am concerned here with disciplines and with helping you get a hands-on feeling for many different ones.




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2006.12.3 Sunday

Writen during the time I worked at the U.S. Department of Education, but at home and not as part of any assignment. A confederate distributed it to the panel members as part of their briefing book. It is on the Department's site:
On my site, it is located at:


The Metaphysics of Liberty (1989, 557KB), an expansion of my doctoral dissertation in economics, Geroge Mason University (1985)
This is my chief academic work. Not reommended to teach you how economists think!

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